Who Is Calling Me From 01214215635? using the user contributed forum.
April 15th 2016 10:22     
who is this number?
claimed to be from my tel+internet provider problem with my computer - which incidentally I do have but would not dream of talking about to anyone I myseld did not call. he told me to open my registry: hahahahaha I strung him along, then told him had to go and geet my glasses - then carried on drying my hair! after 5 minutes he hung up! I wish I had a longer chat with him,as an old woman how else am I going to have my fun??? by the way he spoke barely understandable English Nigeria here we go again I guess! hahahaha

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012 1421 5635
0121 421 5635
0121 4215 635
01214 215 635
012142 15635